Anti-Terrorism Campaign

An attempt to unravel the dirty secrets behind terrorism

Information Pages:

1. Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA).
An organization studying and researching problems of Indian national security and the impact of defence measures on the economic, security and social life of the country.

2. International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT).
An organization analyzing the world-wide spread of terrorism.

Valuable resource page that highlights historical and current facts about J&K and India.

4. Kashmir: A paradise turned to hell by terrorism.
Self explanatory!

5. Kashmir News Wire
The latest Kashmir news.

6. "Osama bin Ladin and the U.S. Embassy Bombings."
Comprehensive collection of articles and papers on Osama Bin Laden and the US Embassy bombings by ICT.

7. Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA).  (WARNING: Site contains graphic images)
Fighting for women's rights and an end to fundamentalism in Afganistan.

8. South Asia Terrorism Portal.
Concentrates on the terrorism, low intensity warfare and sectarian strife in South Asia - run by the Institute of Conflict Management.

9. South Asian Analysis Group (SAAG).
The objective of the group is to advance strategic analysis and contribute to the expansion of knowledge of Indian and International security and promote public understanding.

10. Terrorist Group Profiles.
Created by the Dudley Knox Library at the Naval Postgraduate School.

11. The Terrorism Research Center.
Informing the public about terrorism and information warfare.

12. Terrorism Research.
Terrorism related research and insight.

13. Terror, Terrorism and Terrorist Threats.   Terrorism, terror and terrorist threats from Pakistan
Insights into the terrorism center of the world.

14. Pakistan - the heart of Islamic Terrorism.   Pakistan and its continued support of terrorists
Partial mirror the the site above with many unique articles aswell.

15. Pakistan - the nucleus of terrorism.
A Reference Site on Terrorism Exported from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

16. U.S. Department of State: Counterterrorism.
Office of the Co-ordinator for counterterrorism.

18. Pakistan - Quintessential Rogue State.
Articles highlighting Pakistan's long standing position as a rogue terrorist state.

Terrorist Group Websites:

The WWW is being used for propaganda and fund-raising purposes by various terrorist organizations.   But the sites also reveal the true hatred and evil that these organziations represent.

1. Harkat-ul-Mujahdeen. (Offline)
Pakistani based web-site with only some propaganda articles/newsclips.

2. 'Jihad in Chechnya.' (Offline) (WARNING: Site contains graphic images)
More hatred from Chechnya.   For example on the subject of prisoners of war, "...all unbelieving prisoners, including Jews and Christians, must not be shown generosity or ransomed, and that they should be killed..."

3. Lakshar-e-Taiba. (Offline)
Another sad attempt to use religion to further terrorism.

4. Taliban Literature. (Offline) (Includes Bin Laden's Fatwa)
Bin Laden clearly states his enemies;  "...and asking you to take part in fighting against the enemy-your enemy and their enemy-the Americans and the Israelis."


1. Charcha (Discussion).
An archive of articles and discussions regarding the security environment in the Indian Sub-continent.

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