Anti-Terrorism Campaign

An attempt to unravel the dirty secrets behind Pakistan's terrorism

1. "Basic facts about Jammu & Kashmir."
The very basic facts about J&K that people must understand.

2. Bodanski, Yossef.   "Pakistan, Kashmir & the Trans-Asian Axis."   Freeman Center for Strategic Studies, 1995.
Includes two of Mr. Bodanski's works on this subject, "Pakistan's Kahsmir Strategy" and "Islamabad's Road Warriors"; highlighting Pakistan's long-standing support of terrorism.

3. Emerson, Stephen. "Get Ready for Twenty World Trade Center Bombings."  Middle East Forum, 1997.
A detailed account of terrorist activities in the United States.

4. Gannon, Kathy. "A Call to Arms: Bin Laden Appeals to Muslim Youth to Fight United States." April 18, 2000.
More hate-filled rhetoric from America's Most Wanted.

5. Manhotra, Dinesh.  "ISI bid to unite all outfits under Jaish-e-Mohammed."
Pakistan's official intelligence agency has been trying to unify all terrorist organizations operating from its territory.

6. Menon, Jaideep. "Is a stable Pakistan in India's interest?"
The author looks at what position India (and the world) should take to check this emerging menace.

7. Menon, Jaideep. "Musawer Mansoor Ijaz - America's Secret Emissary "  Mansoor Ijaz Biography]
An inside look at Mansoor Ijaz to see where his REAL loyalties lie.(hint $$$)

8. Mohammed, Mahathir Bin, Dr. "Seriousness of the (Islamic) Gold Dinar"
The Malaysian prime minister makes a case for combining Islamism with economic measures.

9. Paz, Reuven.   "Is There an Islamist Internationale?"
Common Grounds for Cooperation between Islamist Terrorist Groups and their Implications for Western Security and American Foreign Policy

10. Rajaram, N.S.   "Meltdown in Pakistan."
Reports from Pakistan indicate that institutions of the state are heading for collapse. There are powerful forces at work that may soon redraw boundaries in the region.

11. Raman, B. "Attack on USS Cole: Background."
A look into the sordid affairs of international terrorism; tracing the attack to terrorist elements in Yemen, Afganistan, Pakistan, and Britain. 

12. Raman, B. "US & PAK Terrorism: In Perspective."
A historical look at how this menace started, thanks to Uncle Sam.

13. Raman, B. "Harkat-ul-Mujahideen - An Update."
A primer on this notorious Pakistan based terrorist organization.

14. Raman, B.  "Gen. Pervez Musharraf: His Past & Present."  [Alternate Musharraf Biography Link]
A look at the current Pakistani dictator Gen Pervaez Musharraf, a staunch supporter of terrorism as a policy of state, against India.

15. Raman, B. "Explosions in Tashkent, The Background."
The continuing spread of terrorism into Central Asia.

16. Schweitzer, Yoram & Shai Shaul. "The ?Afghan Alumni? Terrorism: Islamic Militants against the Rest of the World."
Where are they now?

17. Sinha, P.B.  "Pakistan - The Chief Patron-Promoter of Islamic Militancy and Terrorism."
More evidence implicating Pakistan's role in exporting terrorism.

18. Stern, Jessica. "Pakistan's Jihad Culture."
More information on the deteroration of Pakistan. The author though continues to have a compulsion to pander the military regime; confirming that there is still a cloud covering Washington.

19. Streusand, Douglas E. "What Does Jihad Mean?"
See how Islamic terrorists vie to use religion as a conduit for terror.

20. Terrorism Research - What is Terrorisn?
More information about the definition of terrorism, the motivations of terrorist groups and their typical modes of operation.

21. "Clinton Says Some in Pakistan Government Propagating Violence in Jammu and Kashmir."
US President Bill Clinton on Wednesday said: "... there are elements within the Pakistan government that have supported those who engaged in violence in Kashmir."

ABC News

1. "Filipino Kidnap Group Has Roots in Afghan War."   August 8, 2000.
Recent kidnappings in the Philipines and Malaysia have roots in Afganistan and Pakistan.

2. Gedda, George. "Terrorism Report Blasts Pakistan."
The State department is critical of Pakistan for sponsoring terrorism.

3. Redeker, Bill. "Holy Cause: Once Funded by CIA, Rebels Now Ready to Fight U.S."
Another look at the coming menace.

4. Gannon, Kathy. "A Call to Arms: Bin Laden Appeals to Muslim Youth to Fight United States."
From Pakistan, with love.

5. Phinney, David. "Mixing Business with Terror:Bin Laden Uses Fortune and Businesses to Build Alliances."
An insight on the money behind the terrorism. For eg, "..There?s even a report that bin Laden gave Sudan a $300 million line of credit."

The Asian Age

1. "8 massacres in valley of death."   August 31, 2000.
Terrorist killings that lead to over 100 casualties in a couple of days.


1. "My Time Has Come: Says the diary of a suicide soldier in war-torn Kashmir.",8782,100234,00.html
Another sad story of a disillusioned Pakistani youth, committing acts of terrorism under the misnomer of an 'Islamic Holy War'.

The Atlantic Monthly

1. "The Triumph of Terrorism."
Hindsight is 20/20.  islamic terrorism

2. Kaplan, Robert D.  "The Lawless Frontier."   September, 2000.
The tribal lands of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border reveal the future of conflict in the Subcontinent, along with the dark side of globalization.

3. Interview: "Inside the Jihad."  August 10, 2000.
The Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid, who has reported from inside Afghanistan for more than two decades, shares insights he has gained from his extraordinary access to the country and its radical Taliban movement.

4. Lewis, Bernard.  "The Roots of Muslim Rage."
Why so many Muslims deeply resent the West, and why their bitterness will not easily be mollified.

Baltimore Sun

1. Pakistani spies long linked to militants.  
The long standing ties between the Pakistani establishment and terrorist organizations including the Taliban continues to unfold.


1. "British Muslims join 'holy war'."   June 26, 2000.
British citizens join terrorist ranks.  Includes info of weapons training provided by Sakina Security Services in the United States & Britain for terrorist acts committed worldwide.

CBS News

1. "America's Worst Nightmare?",1597,241115-412,00.shtml
"There's no other country in the world where 100,000 well-armed militant fundamentalists could end up controlling nuclear weapons"..."Pakistan may be competing for the title of America's worst nightmare, according to 60 Minutes".

Christian Science Monitor

1. Davis, Arthur H.  "Take off the kid gloves with Pakistan."
More calls for declaring Pakistan a state sponsor of terorism.   'It is clear who wants peace in the region and who does not. Only by challenging Pakistan's duplicitous ways will peace have a hope of triumphing.'

2. Davis, Arthur H.  "Beyond talking tough on terrorism."
This former U.S. ambassador comments on the current U.S. administration's failure in declaring Pakistan and Afganistan as state sponsors of terrorism.


1. "India identifies terrorist training camps."
More proof that Pakistan has long been a state sponsor of terrorism - it is a rogue nation. Pakistan - State sponsor of terrorism

2. "Last of bodies from USS Cole recovered...Yemen president hints bin Laden tied to Cole bombing."
The Yemeni President's statements hammer home a recurring theme; Afganistan and in turn its handler (Pakistan) have crossed the 'point of no return'. 

3. "India heightens security ahead of Independence Day."   August 15, 2000.
Continuing tension in Kashmir and incriminating views of the Pakistani dictator.

4. Davis, Anthony. "Peace Deferred. It's back to square one for all parties in the Kashmir conflict."
How the Islamic terrorist groups and their Pakistani mentors derailed a peace initiative.

5. "U.S. State Department concerned about terrorism in Pakistan, Afghanistan".
Though the State Department has suspected Pakistan and Afganistan of being state sponsors of terrorism, it has held back any criticism because of what some would call a 'muddled' foreign policy.

Daily Excelsior

1. "Pak involvement established.  Hijackers, 3 released ultras head for Quetta."   January 2, 2000.
Pakistani and Afgani involvement in the Indian Airlines hijacking.

The Daily Pioneer

1. "Pak the cradle of terrorism."\story1&d=FRONT_PAGE&fdnam=jun1601
Self explaining.

The Daily Telegraph

1. West, Julian.  "Mullahs poised to strike back if America targets bin Laden."
In the wake of the USS Cole bombings, Islamic fundamentalists in Pakistan and Afganistan continue to threaten American interests world-wide.


1. Idris, Kunwar. "The rival centres of power."
The author is a rare sane voice from Pakistan. His pleas illuminate the extent to which lawlessness and religious fundamentalism have taken over the state.

2. Husain, Irfan. "The high cost of jihad."
Gives one an idea of the deep decay that many feel has set into the Pakistani society. A country that is surely doomed because of its long standing support for terrorism.&

Department of State, United States of America.

1. "Patterns of Global Terrorism: 1999 Asia Overview."
Overview of the terrorism related trends throughout Asia

2. "Alan W. Eastham, Testimony before the House International Relations Committee U.S. Congress, Washington, DC, July 12, 2000."
The deterorating state of Pakistan and Afganistan.

3. "Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright And Michael Sheehan, Counter-Terrorism Coordinator On-the-Record Briefing on the 1999 Annual "Patterns of Global Terrorism" Report."
Continued Cold War hangover of US relationsip with Pakistan.

4. "Ambassador Michael Sheehan, Coordinator for Counterterrorism - Testimony Before the House International Relations Committee Washington, DC, July 12, 2000."
Explores aspects of terrorism (ideology,  financing, etc.) and the roles of different Asian countries spreading it.

5. "Michael Sheehan: Press Briefing on Release of 'Patterns of Global Terrorism 1998'."


1. Miller, John.   "Greetings, America.   My name is Osama bin Laden.   Now that I have your attention..."   Esquire, February 1999.  Excerpts
Miller's journey deep into the heart of Afganistan to interview America's Most Wanted.


1. Swami, Praveen.  "A wave of new recruits."  
Among other things, details on how the August 10, 2000 blast in Srinagar which claimed 15 lives was planned and carried out.

2. Swami, Praveen. "The massacre at Chattisinghpora."
More proof of a Pakistani hand in the massacre of innocent Sikhs during the Clinton visit.

3. Swami, Praveen.  "Of Theology and Terrorism."
Maulana Masood Azhar, a Pakistani national who received training in a seminary and preached terror, played a pivotal role in coalescing terrorist groups in Kashmir.

The Globe and Mail

1. Roberts, David.  "Canadian describes hijack ordeal."   January 1, 2000.
A Canadian hostage on the hijacked Indian Airlines plane describes the terror they were subject to.

The Herald

1. "Second Class Citizens."  July, 2000.
A seven part article from this Pakistani news magazine takes a look at the oppressive and dismissive behaviour of the Pakistani authority in the Northern Areas. It also highlights the plight of the families of NLI personnel killed in the Kargil War, further strengthening claims that regular Pakistani Army troops were also occupying the heights, not just terrorists.

The Hindustan Times

1. "Bin Laden "delighted" by attack on US warship."
"Bin Laden has expressed his happiness and delight for blowing up the destroyer ..."

India Today

1. Mehkri, Ishtiaq Ali. "In North Pakistan, a Kashmir in the making."
The northern areas of Pakistan are on the brink of breaking out into violence as decades of discrimination and exploitation reach a boiling point.

2. "Hizbul threatens to extend armed stir to other parts."  August 28, 2000.
Desperate terrorist group threatens rest of India.

Indian Express

1. "I told Pakistan to withdraw troops from Kargil: Clinton."
In a startling revelation, former US president Bill Clinton has said Pakistan "withdrew its troops" from Kargil at his insistence and it might be one of the reasons for the ouster of Nawaz Sharif in a coup. 

2. Vij, Bhavna.   "Shyam Sharma turns Peter Joseph, but still desn't feel safe in Lahore."
An account of how religious minorities are being treated in Pakistan. It is common for Hindus to change to Christian names, or else face the prospect of death at the hands of Islamic zealots.

3. "UK move to allow entry to ultra alarms abducted Britons."
The move by the British government to allow the abductor of 3 Brits to enter the country shows the religious undertones that have become part of British politics.

4. "Osama bin Laden's fighters train in Britain."
Shows the inability of the British government to curtail the proliferation of terrorism on their soil.

4. Singh, Manvendra.  "Osama bin Laden also responsible for massacres in India."
Pakistan-based terrorists owing allegiance to Osama bin Laden have long been held responsible for various massacres in Jammu and Kashmir.  And in 1998 alone they have killed more than 200 unarmed Indian citizens, say senior military and intelligence sources.

The Los Angeles Times

1. Wright, Robin.  "The Chilling Goal of Islam's New Warriors"
An indepth (and chilling) look at the notorious Lakshar-e-Toiba. The terrorist group that openly operates in Pakistan & Afganistan with the sole purpose of ridding the earth of all kaffirs. islamic terrorism fundamentalism pakistan


1. "Taliban defend 'labeling? Hindus."
The Taliban enforce a law forcing Hindus to wear a yellow sign/cloth; bringing back dreadful memories of a similar practice conducted by Nazis to segregate Jews during the holocost.

The New York Times

1. "Pakistan Leader Pressured on Islam."
Evidence that the Pakistani Army, which the west hopes will clean up the mess is actually going all out to officially make Pakistan a haven for religious terrorism. pakistan islam,musharraf terrorist murderer,war criminal

2. Miller, Judith.  "Holy Warriors: Killing for the Glory of God, in a Land Far From Home."
"If he were asked to do so, he said, he would go to London, Paris or New York and blow up women and children for Islam. "Yes, I would do it," he said quietly, without hesitation...

3. Engelberg, Stephen.  "One Man and a Global Web of Violence."
The life and times of Osama Bin Laden, and his evil plans for the rest of the world.&

4. "Bin Laden Is Reported 'Satisfied' by Cole Hit."
Can the Americans even afford to retaliate?  "In Pakistan today, the leader of the radical Islamic party Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam warned that Americans in the region were at risk if Mr. bin Laden, who is based in Afghanistan, was harmed by the United States."

5. Goldberg, Jeffrey.    "Inside Jihad U.; The Education of a Holy Warrior."  The New York Times.  June 25, 2000.  [Alternative Site].
Author explores the explosion of madrassas, religious schools that are graduating thousands of religious fanatics every year.

6. Bearak, Barry.    "Afghanistan's Girls Fight to Read and Write."  The New York Times.  March 9, 2000.
The struggles of women living under the Taliban.

7. "U.S. Concludes Pakistan-Backed Group Played Role in Hijacking."
Pakistani state sponsered terrorism goes unchecked in the Indian subcontinent.

8. Kinzer, Stephen.   "From the Caucus to China; Zealots' Latest Targets Are Poor, Remote and Vulnerable."
More on islamic insurgency in Central Asia.

New Zealand Herald

1. "'Terrorist cell' in Auckland."
Fundamental Islamic terrorists from Afganistan with plans to cause havoc at the Sydney Olympics.

The News International, Pakistan

1. Khan, Hasan.  "Harkat chief for military training at Madaris."
A call to introduce weapons related training in religious seminaries - a practice that many believe already occurs and is sure to lead to a dramatic increase in international terrorism.

Oultlook Online

1. Hasnain, Ghulam.  "Ready for Jehad: A first-hand account from Pakistan on how the proxy war is bred and sustained."
Long formenting hatred; eg. ..."'There can?t be any peace while India remains intact. Cut them, cut them. Cut them so much that they kneel before you and ask for mercy. Only then can we think of any talks,' roared Prof Hafiz Mohammad Saeed..."

2. "Part 2: Crossing The Line: Operation Owl."
Crossing the Line of Control. "No militant is allowed to take his own weapon across the LoC. Arms are supplied by the ISI (Pak intelligence agency)."

3. "Part 3: Josh of the Jaish."
In the scramble for dominance, Masood Azhar is currently leading.

4. "PHOTOESSAY: The Cresent's Blinding Shine."
"India, thanks to the age-old Kashmir problem (which has of late intensified) and the recent hijacking drama, may see Islamic fundamentalism as a sinister force that cannot be easily reckoned with ...."


1. "Murder in Pakistan. Retribution?"  November 12, 1997.
Delve deeper into the murder of American oil workers in Karachi to see how it relates to crimes committed by Pakistanis in the United States.


1. "Militant outfits clinch deal with Musharraf."
The terrorist organizations agree to keep their illegal fundraising and recruitment activites 'discreet'.

2. Parthasarthy, G.  "The private, personal thoughts of Pervez Musharraf."
Some insightful humour about the self proclaimed CEO and the state of his nation.

3. "Nepal extradites Pakistani caught with RDX to India: AFP."  September 6, 2000.
Part of Pakistani plan to surround India, adding Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar as lauch pads for terrorism.

4. "All five hijackers have been identified."
Perpetrators of the IA 814 hijacking that escaped into Pakistan.

5. "Nightmare of Flight 814."
Links to all news items relating to the Indian Airlines hijacking.


1. "Bin Laden Seen as Perfect Holy Wrrior in Pakistan."
It is quite obvious that the common person in Pakistan and Afghanistan sees Osama Bin Laden as a savior of Islam. al qaeda osama bin laden,pakistan islamic fundamentalism

Seattle Times

1. "Militant freed in hijacking vows to destroy India, U.S."   January 5, 2000.
"Followers thronged to a park in central Karachi when they heard that Maulana Masood Azhar had arrived from neighboring Afghanistan..."

The Sunday Times

1. Clark, James & Singh, Dilip.  "Britons take war holidays in Kashmir."  January,21 2001.
Hundreds of British muslims travel to Pakistan every year to get terrorist training and to recruit and raise funds back in Britain.

Sydney Morning Herald

1. Saikal, Amin.  "A rogue with his finger on the nuclear trigger."
The influence of Islamic extremists [terrorists] in Musharaf's Pakistan creates little cause for optimism about peace talks with India... pakistan islamic terrorism musharraf

2. Pollard, Ruth.  "Three held on suspicion of smuggling arms to hostage gang."
Three Pakistanis were arrested in the Philipines on the above charges...further proof that this brand of Pak/Afgan terrorism is spreading fast.

3. "Muslims pledge to kill Americans."
As islamic fundamentalism spreads throughout Pakistan, non-muslims become legitimate targets.


1. Hasain, Ghulam.   "Inside Jihad"
A detailed look at the terrorist operations being run out of Pakistan. This articles further strenghtens the view that Pakistan is a state sponsor of terrorism, yet no action has been taken against them by the international community. An utter disgrace!

The Times of India

1. Joshi, Manoj. "India helped FBI trace ISI-terrorist links (to 9/11)"  Pakistan and funding for the 9/11 attacks  October 9, 2001.
A look at the Pakistani involvement in the September 11 attacks - especially the ISI."

2. Mishra, Law Kumar. "Militants fire at women in Srinagar beauty parlour."  September 9, 2000.
In an attempt to Talibanise Kashmir, terrorists fired at women in a beauty parlour and threatened cable operators from transmitting entertainment channels. They continue to threaten the upcoming census as it might highlight the level of ethnic cleansing that has occurred over the decade.

The Toronto Star

1. Handleman, Stephen.  "Religious leaders make plea for peace and tolerance."  The Toronto Star.  August 30, 2000.
Religious leaders urge peace and harmony as fanatics continue to give religions a bad name.

Vanity Fair

1. Anson, Robert Sam. "The Journalist and the Terrorist - Daniel Pearl Murder in Karachi, Pakistan."  August, 2002.
Robert Anson looks at the gruesome murder of American Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl and the not so secret nexus between Pakistan's ISI, military and the many terrorist groups. Did the Pakistani government play a role in Danny Pearl's murder? Why has the US government and press been so silent? daniel pearl murder,sheikh ahmed omar saeed sheikh,pakistan isi

2. Hitchens, Christopher. "On the Frontier of Apocalypse; November, 2001.
Christopher Hitchens analyzes Pakistani hypocricy as well as as the American naivity when it comes to Islamic terrorism. 

Washington Times

1. Loeb, Vernon.  "Terrorism Trial pulls veil from hard cell."
Not surprising to learn that the East African embassy bombers received their terrorist training in Pakistan and Afghanistan. pakistan terrorism, terrorist state

2. Barber, Ben.  "Pakistani boys receive education in violent art of holy war."  August 11, 2000.
Thousands of young men without a productive future - ready to be a menace to society.


1. "Death toll in Kashmir insurgency nears 34,000: Police."

Zee News

1. "Militants kill 4 children in J-K."
Pakistani terrorists show true colours in targetting young children.

2. "Pak puts ammo in Kashmir cradle."
Evidence of continuing Pakistani support for terrorist organizations operating in India. Includes detailed maps of the various terrorist camps operating in Pakistan over the past decade.

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