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An attempt to unravel the dirty secrets behind Pakistan's terrorism.

Note: The events of September 11, 2001 have opened the eyes of the world. The World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon were targetted as part of a larger plan. There has been a large increase in the number of articles and investigative stories being published on the subject of militant Islamic terrorism. We have decided to concentrate on pre September 11 research to illustrate that not all were blind to this menace. The current powers that be are still trying their best to portray one of the biggest culprits as their main ally. Pakistan, is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Update: Here is what the Pakistani dictator, General Musharraf (and the ruling Pakistani elite) really think about co-operating with us in the War Against Terrorism.

"Some ulema are trying to react on pure emotions. I want to remind them of Islam's early history. The moved from Mecca to Medina (hijrat). Was this (God forbid) cowardice? This was wisdom to save Islam.

Then when the Jews saw that Islam was getting stronger they started to conspire against the muslims. When the Prophet (PBUH) saw this happening he signed a no war pact with his enemies in Mecca. I want to remind you of that pact. At the end of the pact, where his signature was required, the Meccans demanded that he cannot sign it as Prophet Mohammed. The Prophet (PBUH) agreed.

The Prophet explained later that its best for Islam, and it?s the right thing to do. And time proved him right. Six months later there was a war with the Jews and the Meccans did not support the Jews and the Muslim forces won. And some time after that Mecca also fell to Islamic mujahideen."

Translation - We will get what we want from the Americans (money & weapons) and then stab them in the back when it is convinient.
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(BTW, did you know that $100,000 in funding for Mohammad Atta came from Pakistan? Which is why Pakistan's ISI chief was fired shortly after September 11th. Don't think the media wants to make too much of the involvement of top level officials in Pakistan. They don't want their chief al-lie in the war on terrorism to be exposed as a terrorist itself. It would be bad for Pakistan (sic). One day American soldiers might get a chance to clean out Pakistan.)

This website strives to identify the increasing menace of terrorism that uses fanatical religious views to pursue its own evil agenda. This site is not here to put down or blame any one religion; it instead points out groups and countries (Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and China) that make terrorism their sole aim. As Abdullah Obaid, head of the World Muslim League recently said, "We should not use religion for purposes which contradict religion itself"  (1).

This website tries to inform the reader of terrorist atrocities that are eminating from the Pakistan-Afganistan region.   For decades, the term 'freedom fighter' has been used by various terrorist organizations.  This school of thought has now become quite ridiculous and the term has been outstripped of any legitimacy it might have carried at some point.  Those who perpetrate terror on innocent people should be identified as what they truly are; terrorists.  Any objective person should be able to make this conclusion. Islamofascism is creeping upon us - the Wahabbi brand funded by Saudi Arabia, applied and masterminded in Pakistan.

The Rise in Terrorism (from Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Middle-East)

The World Trade Center (1) and Oklahoma City bombings marked two very sad events in American history.  Apart from these two events, the United States and most of the West has not seen many large scale terrorist attacks while the rest of the world has been wallowing in the wake of increased terrorist activities.  Russia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Philipines, Serbia, and much of Central Asia is constantly under the brow of terrorism. As the world looks to bring peace to the middle-east region, terrorist elements have moved to other areas to spread their menace. South-Central Asia and parts of Africa are the new hotbeds of terrorism in the 21st century.

One can trace the roots of many current terrorist organizations to the American support of the 'mujahideen' ("holy warriors") in Afganistan.  Money and publicity ensured that the mujahideen were adequately equipped, tranined by Pakistan's ISI and given a cinderella image of freedom fighters.  After the Soviet withdrawl, the CIA had little use for these fighters and left the dangereously armed religious fanatics to find their own fight.  Though this whole act was just a political move to counter the Soviet invasion of Afganistan, the 'blowback' is yet to be fully experienced around the world.

The Soviet withdrawl from Afganistan was promplty followed by start of violence in the Kashmir (2) valley in India.  Kashmir, an integral part of India was the only muslim majority state in the union and seperatist elements supported by Pakistan and terrorist elements in Afganistan took the task of putting their 'expertise' to use.   Their new challenge was the Indian people in Kashmir, more precisely the minority Hindus, Bhuddists, and Sikhs who had lived peacefully along side the Muslims for ages.   With active help from Pakistan in training, money, weapons and bases; the violence in Kashmir has claimed over 30,000 casualties in a little over a decade and continues to ravage the once peaceful and serene land.

Coming out of the shadows of the Afgan conflict were the Taliban ("Knowledge Seekers").  The west first felt the wrath of their Islamic fundamentalism in Somalia in December 1992.  The gruesome image of dead, naked US Army Rangers from downed Black Hawk helicopters being dragged was seen by millions, but few knew of the soldiers who had their throats slit.   It was a snowy evening in Febuary of 1993 when a truck bomb blasted through the basement of the World Trade Center in New York City.   The FBI uncovered leads in Detroit, London, Pakistan and Afganistan; finally apprehending the mastermind Ramzi Yousef in Pakistan.   Bombings of American barracks in Riyadh (1995 - 5 killed) and Dhahran (1996 - 19 killed) followed by the recent embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya led to hundreds of casualties.  The only American response was a few Tommahawk strikes into Afganistan that killed a few terrorist trainees.   There has been no desire to reach to the root of the problem by identifying the countries actively supporting terrorism, just lobbing a few thousand pounds of high explosives into the barren badlands.

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